The present General Conditions of Use regulate the use of the website “, as well as the purchasing conditions of products and services offered through the website.

CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. owns a website of products that are supply by authorized sale points and providers. The people that aim to navigate through the website, as well as purchase or contract products or services can do so without any need of registering or having the condition of registered user.

Every user that accesses the website and purchase the offered products must be over 18 years old with sufficient legal capacity to sign contracts.



Every person that wishes to and is over 18 years old with sufficient capacity can purchase products through this website.


The user declares that all data provided are true and concerned the user when fulfilled this data as well as accepts the privacy policy under the Regulation of Data Protection conceive within the legal and privacy policy in where the data process will be executed with the only purpose of managing the commercial relation.



In the website the conditions of each offered product are described as well as the characteristics of the product.

Once selected the product that aimed to be purchased this could be paid by credit card.

The website will redirect to a payment platform that woks within the maximum-security measures available within the sector through a secured server using a SSL protocol.

In any case CAP DE BARBARI, S.L.U. will store this data which will be only stored by the provider of the payment platform a, responsible of it. The provider will inform and pay the amount to CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. as well as inform about any issues happened during the payment process.

Once checked by the financial entity that the payment process has been executed correctly, CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. will issue a receipt of the purchase to the email address provided by the client-user.

In any case, CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. will issue the receipt by a different mean other than the provided email so in case you do not receive in 48 hours you should contact the Customer Support Services. We advise you first to duly check all your email inboxes including the spam inbox.



The purchase will be delivered by the post company used by CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. for doing this work. The user must pay the expenses of the delivery that are as well mentioned and specified during the purchase process and will has to be accepted by the user at the end of it when paying.

It will be understood that the delivery is made when it gets to the indicated address even though the package is not delivered to the user.



Under the Regulation of the Consumer and User’ Defence, once the purchase is done the user has 14 natural days to exercise the right of withdrawal from the delivery day reflected on the receipt from CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. only when the product is returned in good conditions with all the original packaging and the guarantee seal intact.


The user should get in contact with the company through the following email address, by alleging the right of withdrawal or by fulfilling this form:


To the Customer Support of CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U.

I hereby inform you about the withdrawal of our sales contract reference below:

  • Reference (nº of purchase or receipt):

  • Purchase delivery date ___/____/______

  • Name of the person exercising the right (consumer/ user):



  • Address of the person exercising the right:



  • Email address of the person exercising the right:



  • (obligated if send it by electronic means)

Date: ____/______/______


  • Consumer and user signature (only if handle in paper)


Once finished this period, CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. will not accept refunds for withdrawals of the purchased products.


These general conditions are governed by Spanish law, being competent Spanish courts and tribunals to hear any issues arise concerning the interpretation, application and compliance with them. The user, by virtue of its acceptance to the conditions contained in this general disclaimer, expressly disclaims any jurisdiction which, by implementing the Code of Civil Trial in force that may be applicable.