Cookies Policy

Cookies policy


We informed you that for a good functioning of the website, the browser system uses some data for browsing (“Cookies”) in order to offer you a more specialized service to its users.


Cookies are small text files that all browsers store when you navigate on websites and apps. You can collect the IP address that your computer uses to connect to the website, the URL of the request website on the time that the connection takes place and other parameters related to the operating system of the user’s computer environment. This information is only collecter in order to identify the session with the porpoise of facilitating the website’s analysis.

CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U., responsible of this website, uses third parties’ cookies, specifically Google Analytics; webpage statistical service that offers Google, Inc. Google Analytics collects information about the user’s pc in order to obtain reports related to the application activity, keeping information stored in its servers located in the United States.


In any case, on the event of a collection of personal data like the IP address this data will be store in a field named “Web users” under the responsibility of CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U.


The aim of that field is to manage and control social networks as well as the information extract from the user’s activity on the website. These data will be transfer to the company that manage the cookies and will be kept as it is established by those companies.


As determined in the current Personal Data Regulation, you will be informed that you can exercise the right of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing, opposition as well as exercise a data portability request. This request should be addressed to Olga Martin located in  Barcelona 08029, Avda. Diagonal 549, 2ª floor (SPAIN) or by sending an email to


You can also make a complaint to the Spanish Data Protection Agency

We informed you that Google, could transfer this information to third parties when the law requires to do so or when this third parties process information on behalf of Google. Google will not associate the IP address form the users with any other data that they have and, for this reason, will be totally done it anonymously.


To reject or delete this “cookie” you can check the following addresses:


In any case, the user can enable the option of his or her own browser system in order to prohibit the installation of cookies;

CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. will not be responsible of the incorrect functioning of some of the website services because of the disabling of cookies.


In the following links you can find instructions that will help you with the settings of the main browsers


If you would like to get more information about the cookies and the way to disable them depending on your browser system you can check the following links and


In case you do not, having explained from CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U. side the use of cookies we understand that if you have not disabled the cookies implies you have given your consent for the processing of your Data for Google in the specified way explained previously for the described purpose.


In the case of doubt o any other comment, you can contact CAP DE BARBARIA, S.L.U.  through the customer service channel or by sending an email to