All the grape varieties are harvested separately, except for Monastrell and Fogoneu, which share a similar growing cycle. Ripening is strictly monitored. The grapes are collected only from areas where they are perfectly ripe and as often as necessary, special attention being paid to the skins.

The wine is also made separately, in the classical way, which begins with picking – always by hand and, as mentioned above, with strict selection from the vine itself. Once in the winery, which stands on the domain itself next to the vineyard, the stalks are removed, the grapes are gently mashed and the stainless steel thanks are filled for fermentation.

When the fermentation process is completed, the wine remains in contact with the skins for a period that may last as long as thirty days, during which daily pumping over continues. Then pressing takes place and the wine goes into the barrels in the maturing room, where malolactic fermentation – transformation of the malic acid into lactic acid – occurs, making the wine more pleasant to drink.